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Floor Stripper



The ultimate in flooring removal technology, the TERMINATOR 3000 EI offers the same strength, flexibility, and surface removal capabilities as its propane powered counterpart, yet it runs quieter and cooler with zero emissions and fumes. To provide added runtime flexibility, the TERMINATOR 3000 EI is equipped with an interchangeable battery package power plant as standard equipment. With on-the-job service life of up to 8 hours (per battery pack) before changing battery packs or recharging makes it the preferred choice for indoor flooring removal.

  • High production rates
  • Removal rates of 80-90% of the majority of floor Coverings on the first pass
  • Fits through standard doorways and elevators
  • Zero emissions and fumes
  • Runs quieter and cooler
  • No cumbersome cord attachment
  • Batteries only draw power when the machine is moving
  • Zero memory batteries
  • Decreased maintenance
  • Forklift channels for easy lifting
  • Batteries can be quickly changed out for continuous run -time
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Technical Data

Working Width 660 mm
Weight (kg) 1104-1253 kg
Height (mm) 119 cm
Length (mm) 168 cm
Width (mm) 69 cm

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