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Who are we?


The German company CONTEC® situated in the beautiful West Forest (Westerwald) between Frankfurt and Cologne has been recognised since 1995 as being one of the best manufacturers of surface preparation machinery in the world. The product range includes all the latest, state of the art equipment such as mobile shotblasters, floor grinders, floor strippers and floor planers. Naturally all the machines are dust free thanks to CONTEC®’s high performance dust collectors. Apart from state of the art technology used in the machines themselves, CONTEC® has repeatedly distinguished itself with innovative and technological developments.


Soziales Engagement


Social responsibility is principle to the sustainability of our planet and its citizens.  Taking responsibility and action ensures that we are doing our part.

Paramount to our own success, but more importantly the better good of the planet, CONTEC has adopted stringent philosophies to reduce our overall carbon footprint.  Implementation of numerous energy reduction systems throughout the workplace has markedly reduced our overall consumption of consumable energy sources.  Part of our commitment to the planet and future generations.

Being a privately held corporation it is no surprise that CONTEC has a deeply rooted tradition of acting in a responsible and ethical manner with all. 



CONTEC supports and strives for an ethnic and culturally diverse workforce, while maintaining the utmost inclusive environment for all.  Our employees are the key to our success.  Our workplace environment stresses the utmost health and safety for our workers, while employing ethical labor practices.  We believe, support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.  The same philosophies and business practices are expected of all our business partners throughout the world. 

We are making a difference, not only in our local communities, but truly around the world.  Numerous members of the CONTEC Team, volunteer their time, and financially support worthwhile charities around the globe.   If you’d like to join us in our support, or become a member of our Team, please contact us.

What do we do?

This is what we do…

CONTEC®Products are used on the following applications:

  • Industrial floors, airports, bridges,
  • Civil engineering, car parks
  • Commercial and military ship decks
  • Nuclear industry
  • Decorative floors, natural stone floors ... and much, much more!

Good cooperation and honest and fair dealings with long-standing partners and customers ensure our success for the future!  Challenge us when it comes to solutions for your building projects -

We shall be happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding your construction/ renovation or sanitation projects!

Call us today on 0049 (0) 2741 9344 0

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