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Professional Solutions for all your construction needs!

Welcome to the CONTEC website, your gateway to the world of surface preparation expertise.

We take pride in delivering practical solutions for all your construction needs. Our approach is rooted in a commitment to providing you with comprehensive support, from product development and production to on-site application and reliable after-sales service, all with a steadfast focus on your specific requirements.

Our dedication is simple yet profound: we put your needs at the forefront and ensure that you can access everything you require from a single, convenient source.

CONTEC® construction machines can be found enhancing projects, including industrial floors, airports, bridges, civil engineering endeavors, car parks, commercial and military ship decks, and even within the nuclear industry. Our products are equally effective in adding finesse to decorative and natural stone floors and many more applications that are limited only by your imagination.

Explore the exceptional quality and specialized knowledge that define CONTEC as a dependable partner in your construction ventures. Uncover more about the genuine impact we make on every project, one step at a time.

Request product or information today - we will be happy to help!

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