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Concrete Bull Float

SV 23E Vibrating BULL FLOAT


  • Solid aluminum profiles in lengths of 1.6 / 2.2 / 3.2 / 4.2 m.
  • Tool-less installation with quick coupling.
  • The vibrator with variable engine speed allows adjustment of the vibration for all concrete and screed consistencies.
  • High speed motor and high vibration frequency.
  • Thanks to its low weight and well-thought-out design, the machine can be used well in a small space.
  • A strut placed in an ergonomic position serves as a lifting handle when moving the machine.
  • Very well suited for renovation work.
  • High performance vibrator motor.
  • Well-balanced handles ensure very low hand and arm vibrations and high operator comfort.
  • The adjustable handle offers many options for different working conditions.
  • If the aluminum profile is not available, a wooden beam can be used as an alternative.
  • Mounting material included.

Lightweight motor             Single phase, 50 Hz, 230 V
Motor vibration power          350 W
Power consumption            1.63 Amp
RPM                          0 - 10,000 rpm
Frequency                     max. 167 Hz
Centrifugal force               130 kN
Protection class                IP 54

Weight of the vibrating plate 13 kg
Length          1.6m            8.4 kg
                      2.2m           11.6kg
                      3.2m           16.8kg
                      4.2m           22.1kg
Height and width of the paver 1200 x 470 mm
Height of the aluminum profile: 120 mm
Hand and Arm Vibrations HAV according to ISO 5349 
on fresh concrete. 2.0 m / s 2
Sound pressure for the operator, OP 73 dB (A)

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Technical Data

Working Width 1600/2200/3200/4200 mm
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Phase 1
Current Consuption 1.63 A
Motor nominal Current 0.35 kW
Motor Rating 1.63 A
Weight (kg) 8.4/11.6/16.8/22.1 kg

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