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Concrete Vibrator



PVEL Poker vibrator with integrated Frequency Convertor

Electronic poker vibrator with integrated converter. The special design of the converter with smooth beveled edges minimizes the risk of getting stuck to reinforcement and other obstacles.
Push button start and lamp provides safe and clear start function.

  • Poker vibrator for all types of casting
  • High centrifugal force provides a degree of compaction.
  • Thermal protection on all phases protects the motor.
  • High insulation class on the electric motor protects it at high temperatures.


Voltage 230 V, 1-phaseProtection class, converter box IP 67

Tube diameter/ length Amp Capacity / Centr. force

38 mm / 370 mm 1,9 A 20 m3/h / 1 500 N
50 mm / 370 mm 2,8 A 30 m3/h / 3 300 N

58 mm / 420 mm 3,8 A 35 m3/h / 5 600 N

65 mm / 400 mm 4,8 A 40 m3/h / 7 000 N


Hose, length 5 m

Electric cable, length 15 m


Hose, length 0,4 m

Electric cable, length 1.5 + 20 m

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Technical Data

Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Phase 1

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