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Floor Grinder



The proven power Grinder DELTA II with gazoline engine. Ideal for construction sites without power supply.

The most advanced two speed grinders available.

  • Wide range of grinding Tools make the DELTA II grinders extremely versatile
  • Grind most types of floors including concrete, terazzo and asphalt.
  • DELTA II grinders are ideal for surface preparation prior to the application of epoxy and similar coatings.
  • Effectively remove rubber deposits, adhesives, bituminous coatings and impacted dirt from factory floors.
  • DELTA II grinders are incredibly easy to operate and can be used with an industrial vacuum for a dust free working environment.
  • Vibration and noise levels have been reduced to a minimum for the operator's safety and convenience.
  • The unique triangular shape of the grinding tools increases the performance and the overlap created helps prevent the "rings" normally associated with twin headed grinders. With no gap between the discs it is now possible to walk forward with the machine.
  • The finish achieved with DELTA II grinders is extremely fine and swirl free, requiring only a minimum of coating to cover.
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Technical Data

Working Width 490 mm
Motor nominal Current 10.2 PS kW
Motor Rotation Speed 3000 rpm
Weight (kg) 158 kg
Height (mm) 95-110 cm
Length (mm) 109 cm
Width (mm) 55 cm
Tool speed (rpm) 1950 rpm
Dust Collector CDM 3000/TORNADO
Dust Port Diameter 70 mm

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