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Scarifier Concrete

CT 320


All round Planer, Scarifier and Shaver

The biggest and most aggressive floor planer from CONTEC©. Made for the hardest applications and floors. Heavy duty bearings ensure maintenance and trouble-free operation of the machine. CT 320® is equipped with a variable speed drive unit. Ergonomically designed handle bars ensure comfortable operation of the floor planer.

The CT 320® displays tremendous aggressiveness during the removal of concrete, asphalt, coatings and road markings. Milling cutters or diamond tools ensure problem free removal of flexible epoxy coatings and road markings. Specially designed diamond tools for use in “Farmyard Grooving“ result in anti-slip surfaces every time. Variable spacer systems permit any groove pattern.

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Technical Data

Working Width 320/340 Diamanttrommel/Diamond Drum mm
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Phase 3
Current Consuption 26.9/32.6 A
Motor nominal Current 15/18.5 kW
Motor Rating 26.9/32.6 A
Motor Rotation Speed 2935 rpm
Weight (kg) 270/300 kg
Height (mm) 118 cm
Length (mm) 98 cm
Width (mm) 63 cm
Tool speed (rpm) 1644 rpm
Dust Collector TORNADO/R2D2
Dust Port Diameter 70/125 mm
Motor nominal Current (Drive Unit Motor) 0.17 kW
Motor Rating (Drive Unit Motor) 1.2 A
Motor Rotation Speed (Drive Unit Motor) 3000 rpm

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