Shot Blaster

Here you will find the complete range of the CONTEC Mobile Shotblasters


For dust free preparation of areas with restricted access. The ELEPHANT ®

is safe and simple to operate with lightweight and compact dimensions. It is ideal for smaller contracts which normally cannot be blasted economically. The design makes it possible to blast almost up to the wall which minimises handwork and edging - especially in the corners.

The ELEPHANT® can be supplied to operate from 230 V single phase and 400 V three phase power supplies utilising standard sockets.

The ELEPHANT® is designed to complement the established MODUL 200® and MODUL 350® and is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial flooring contracts.

The ELEPHANT® is also available with Drive Unit.

  • Light weight - easy transportation (even in a small hatchback)
  • Ideal for domestic / commercial sites with only 230 V supply e.g. garages, restaurants and offices
  • Low overall height for work under racking, scaffolding, and benches
  • Dustless operation with a standard industrial vaccuum


Shotblaster ELEPHANT-400-A with integrated Drive Unit -

Shotblasting on small and medium sized Floors.

  • Easy to handle, low weight
  • Ready for action in minutes!
  • Integrated Drive Unit
  • Powerful 4 kW motor
  • Dustless operation with a standard industrial vaccuum
  • Made for small floors with difficult access (Balkonies, Garages und Cellars)
  • Easy transport


Improved and technically re-designed for even better performance!

The new modular principle of CONTEC©

  • Same height with different blast widths

MODUL 200®XL revolutionizes dust-free, mobile shot blasting. The modular design opens up unique applications and uses. The blasting width of the basic MODUL 200®XL unit can be increased by adding the MODUL 200 EU extensions. The 200/2 and 200/3 combinations can in turn be disassembled into their basic MODUL 200®XL components and one or two MODUL 200 EU. The components can then be transported to locations previously inaccessible to conventional shotblasting machines of the same blasting power.

  • Compact dimensions and high maneuverability
  • Transport even in a small van or trailer
  • Quick jacking up by raising the rear swing arm (facilitates loading and maneuvering)
  • Easy transport to the job site
  • Durable wear parts


The Shotblaster MODUL 300 is available with two Motor Ratings, 11 and 15 kW. The 11 kW version can be operated with the TORNADO Dust Collector.

  • Most powerful machine in relation to the height of the blaster
  • Compact dimensions and easy to manoeuvre
  • Exclusive "Travel Mode ", prevents damage to dust skirts during transportation, loading and unloading
  • Easy Transport to the site
  • Long Service life on consumables
  • Even blast pattern

MODUL 350®

The new modular concept from CONTEC©

1 Height - 2 Blast widths, 2 Machines - 1 Set of spares

MODUL 350® offers the ultimate in mobile, dust free blast cleaning. It is probably the most versatile and effective surface preparation system available. The blast width of the basic MODUL 350® can be doubled by the addition of a MODUL 350 EU®( Extension Unit ) for a cost effective increase in production. The high blast performance makes the MODUL 350® ideally suited for very hard concrete, coatings and also for steel decks, bridges and tanks.

  • Compact dimensions and very manoeuvrable
  • High performance on steel and concrete
  • Exclusive "Travel Mode ", prevents damage to dust skirts during transportation, loading and unloading
  • Easy transport to the site
  • Long service life on consumables


- compact, maneuverable, powerful und reliable. Made for blasting middle sized or big areas. Maximum blast performance in combination with a low frame height, easy to transport, long life wear and tear parts.


6-Blade Blast Wheels for a perfect blast pattern. (No hot spot)

Safety Break.

LED Spot Light.


The shotblaster with previously unknown performance. Compact, manoeuvrable, low height and up to 37 kW Turbine Power.

Two wear resistant blast wheels with 6 blade technology in operation. Performance options are 2 x 15 kW (30 kW) and 2 x 18.5 kW (37 kW). The ELGATOR® performs superbly in places where other machines give up. Hard topping concrete floors, Steel surfaces, Coatings - the work rate is always outstanding.

  • Most powerful shotblaster for its size
  • Compact dimensions and very manoeuvrable
  • Exclusive "Travel Mode ", prevents damage to dust skirt during transportation, loading and unloading
  • Easy transport to site
  • Long service life on consumables, all individually exchangeable
  • Even blast pattern across the full width