OMEGA 700®

OMEGA 700®

The OMEGA 700® combines many years of experience producing both single head and contra-rotating, multi head grinders. For the first time two working principles have been unified; the new OMEGA 700® works with the high speed of single head grinders and with the high grinding pressure of a contra-rotating multi head grinder. The result is a unique, new machine which is perfect for a wide range of applications and floors. The OMEGA 700® can be used for maximum speed in surface preparation, for the aggressive grinding of concrete, removal of coatings, seals and glue and the same machine for polishing Terrazzo, design floors, natural stone and coatings. Until now, other high speed grinders have been too light and contra- rotating, multi head grinders have not been aggressive enough for hard floors. The OMEGA 700® unifies the advantages of both types of machine and increases the performance as well as the applications for grinding and polishing... in ONE machine!


  • “Jekyll & Hyde” – the speed control regulates for aggressive grinding or soft polishing and cleaning
  • Perfect ergonomic design for operator comfort and easy handling
  • Uniform grinding pressure
  • Easy transport
  • Flexible tool brackets - 700mm working width
  • Powered by 11kW motor - speed up to 1000 rpm
  • Extensive range of tools

Technical Data

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Working Width

700 mm


400 V


50 Hz



Current Consumption

25 A

Motor Rating

11 kW

Motor nominal Current

25 A

Motor Ratation Speed

0-720 rpm


210 kg


107-155 cm

118 cm with folded Handle Bar


151-179 cm

102 cm with folded Handle Bar


76 cm

Tool rpm

0-720 rpm 

Recommended Dust Collector


Dust Port Diameter

70 / 125 mm 


Manual and Media

Service Videos

Scheibe wechseln / Changing the tool bracket

Kupplung wechseln / Changing the coupling

Griff verstellen / Adjust handle bar