ROLLER SCREED - Electric Version

ROLLER SCREED - Electric Version

Roller Screeds - the CONTEC System

The use of roller screeds in the concrete construction industry has been employed for many years. More recently there have been an increasing number of new and interesting applications and procedures on the market.

Mode of operation:

The CONTEC System involves a high performance hydraulic drive unit (5.5 kW) which can turn a steel roller up to 6 m wide and 168 mm in diameter (up to 200 rpm) against freshly poured concrete. Guide tracks or an individually adjustable gauge system determine the levelling depth. The concrete is then compacted and the granulation is forced to the surface.


The use of sliding friction instead of vibration means the system is perfect for slopes where the deployment of conventional beams and screeds are impossible - e.g. river and canal embankments, steep roofing surfaces, ski jumps and such.

Apart from this, individual concrete structures such as special screeds – drain concrete and sub layers are made possible without the use of vibration, i.e. without segregation processes and levelling.

Also in road construction, the use of the CONTEC System in levelling and smoothing after beam and screed applications has proved to be very successful.

The additional use of the roller screed corrects unevenness, thickness or ripples and removes slurry from the surface. The result is an absolute even, compacted concreted area.

The construction of the hydraulic drive unit places particular importance on robustness and easy maintenance. The steel roller is exceptionally low maintenance and can be cleaned easily in minutes with a brush and water or a high pressure cleaner.

Technical Data

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Motor Drive Unit

400 Volt / 16 A


5,5 kW

Pumpe Flow Rate

11 l/min  / max. 250 bar

Working Width 

Up to 6 m

(more Length on request)

Roller Diameter 

168 mm

Drive Unit Weight

(incl. cart)

220 kg

Weight Roller

20 kg per Meter



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