CT 340

CT 340

A completely new milling concept!

NEW! Cutting depths of up to 50 mm possible!

 With conventional floor planers and scarifiers, the milling depth (cutting depth) is changed by lowering the entire machine using the rear wheels. This also influences the geometry of the machine, for example the height of the grip.

The CT 340 lowers the milling drum in the machine frame. The ergonomics of the machine are not changed and cutting depths of up to 50 mm are possible. As with the proven CT 340 from CONTEC, the continuously variable speed drive is standard. With the CT 340, however, this is implemented hydraulically. Ergonomically cushioned handles ensure fatigue-free operation of the CT 340. Specially manufactured diamond tools enable slatted floors and walkways to be milled to increase slip resistance (grooving). Variable cutting width for joint renovation and/or full width for distance milling (shaving) is also possible.


Technical Data



Working Width Cutter Drum

Working Width Diamond Drum

320 mm

340 mm

 Drive Unit Motor

Motor Rating

18.5 kW

2 x 0.18 kW

Motor Rotating Speed

3000 rpm

3000 rpm


 480 kg



114 cm



135 cm



70 cm


Recommended Dust Collector



Dust Port Diameter

125 mm

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