CDM 3000

CDM 3000

With the current emphasis on the hazards of airborne contaminants, it is paramount to have a proper dust collection system in order to maintain a safe work environment.

A properly sized and functioning dust collection system can also prolong the wear of consumable parts and cutting tools. The full CDM Series Dust Collectors are robustly constructed of metal; dust containers, frames and motor head housings. Each unit employs quality M filters, assisted with a very durable and reliable manual filter cleaning system. Large transport wheels, quick locking systems for dust bins and filters ensure ease of operation and maintenance.

All units can be ordered with, or without drop-down bagging systems and HEPA filters. These powerful dust collection systems are ideally paired with our smaller grinders, multi-prep systems and shotblasters, thereby containing airborne dust. They also provide an excellent means of keeping your floor clean, throughout the worksite. Leave the broom in the shop!

Technical Data

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Voltage230 V
Frequency50 Hz
Motor Rating3 x 1.15 kW
Weight70 kg
Height135 cm
Length67 cm
Width65 cm
Filter Area3 m2
Capacity Dust Bin60 l
Air Flow540 m3/h
Depression2500 Pa
Filter Cleaningmanuell
Dust Port Diameter70 mm
FilterM / H


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